Lash Extensions

We specialize in custom, clean, & safe eyelash extensions. Our technicians are trained to create a tailored look to perfectly fit each clients' eye shape. We offer different high quality sets ranging from Classic to Volume. 


No matter which set type you choose, the health of your natural lashes is top priority and always will be. Nothing that is too long or heavy, or in any way damaging, will be applied to your natural lashes. We’ll get you a look that perfectly suits you and your natural lashes.


Classic Lashes

A full set of Classics will provide you with the length and curl you’ve always wanted.

This technique is ideal for clients with thick lashes who want to just add length and darken up their lashes. These lashes are effortless, natural, and make mascara obsolete. 


Classics are an OG technique that creates a timeless, beautiful set. The look is highly favored by our clients.

The proper methods require that a single extension be applied to each and every natural lash. The application is truly an art form, 

Hybrid Lashes

You want length, volume, perfect curl, and the natural fullness altogether?

The Hybrid technique combines two styles of application, allowing the definition of classic lash extensions along with the fullness of volume lashes.


Volume Lashes

With our set of volume lashes, you are getting a thicker, more dramatic look. These lashes have a fluffy and full appearance. Depending on your preference, we can provide you with both a natural or glam look.

Volume lashes are perfect for eyes with sparse natural lashes or for those who simply want to change up their look. Our extensions are soft, feathery, and lightweight meaning the level of fullness can be adjusted to the client’s wishes without ever feeling uncomfortable.


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