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The Lash Artist You've Been Looking For

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We are different from the typical beauty salons and spas- we focus only on eyelashes and eyebrows. This dedication has allowed our team to become eye experts and some of the best lash artists in Alabama. 

We have carefully chosen the softest, highest-quality extensions, and we are experts in selecting the best lash look for your facial structure and eye shape.

We customize the lash shaping and style for each client - no two sets of lashes look alike! Our clients are amazed at how their  lashes make their eyes. You're in great hands with us!

Brigs Is Rising To Claim The Spot As #1 Lash Artist In Alabama
We Use The Best Glues, Cleansers, and Tools
Eyelash Extension Application Technique
Lash Aftercare Gift Sets
Alabama's Only Lash Artist That Specializes In Color Lash Extensions
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